Newly Wed

Mid-day, mid-week. A polished cement floor. Stationary cart like a stationary skater of ice. A window from one life to another provides a glimpse of understanding. Much too old to be required to be in school. Far too young to no longer have a need to be at work. A list held like an instruction manual. A puzzled look to the list and the numbers in her other hand and back again. A shiny new ring. Although this may not have been her first time, the newness of it all had not been lost on the moment. She was here as a newly designated member of a search party.

Alone, leaning against a partially filled cart she appeared and disappeared between isles of life. The thoughts upon her sleeve spoke of another. Unseen and yet ever present. I could tell as I watched that he was more than just a passing thought. He was her every thought. Would he like this? Will this fit into the budget? My imagination watched her thoughts displayed beside her as she paused to watch a screen only the two of us could see. Reaching for each ingredient a meal was carefully gathered and prepared before our eyes. A gentle humm spoke of a purpose that was more than merely the creation of a life giving meal. It was something more, something else. For her it was the creating of a seemingly magic spell that would help him to relax and share with her his day. A little something to bring him back home to enjoy an evening together after he had already broken the threshold at the front door.

As she turned left and I turned another the memory grew and stretched thinner as she pulled to continue in the present and I clung to the past. 

Years have passed since someone ventured out of our home on their first shopping trip to the grocery store for us. I never noticed it back then; the thoughtfulness and the love that could be poured into such a simple act. The thought never presented itself to me to consider, how delicate those first times were, when someone thought more of creating something magical for the benefit of someone who was absent when the seed of thought sprouted. 

A smile grew and reached out to touch both actors in this reality that tied the past to a newborn creation in the present. From the present we can learn of our past. From another we can gain an understanding of things to we could not see until our eyesight began to fade.

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