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The Darker the Smoke

The pine tree over the back fence whispered, “I told you so”. Jean had once again fooled her brother into doing her weeding for her. “If you help me we can get this done then we will have more time to play.” Terrance heard an unspoken “together” after the word play. He had no idea … Continue reading The Darker the Smoke

Freedom Rings

Since early in my junior high school career I noticed a struggle that has continued to grow to the present day. The formal education process of all of the schools that I have attened since then has been one that has tormented me. It’s not that I don’t like learning but more that I struggle … Continue reading Freedom Rings

The Naming

Out of the past a memory crept as my focus blurred with the present and shifted to forgotten times. My son, married and with a wife and child on the way faded to a much younger blonde headed boy full of wonderment. This was my inventor, out trying to make a name for himself at … Continue reading The Naming

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