Freedom Rings

Since early in my junior high school career I noticed a struggle that has continued to grow to the present day. The formal education process of all of the schools that I have attened since then has been one that has tormented me. It's not that I don't like learning but more that I struggle … Continue reading Freedom Rings


“Do you regret anything?” It was one of those interview questions that had the gift to be able flash your life before your eyes in a matter of seconds. Everything I thought that I had ever done wrong was there. Everything others thought that I had done wrong made an entrance as well bubbling up … Continue reading Choices

Playing with Fire

I Feelthe fire scorching walls withinthe hammer of my soul forging the elements of myexperiencethe tempering of the water that washes awayunbound impuritiesI Knowthere is purpose to my creationthere is strength to be gathered through thisexperiencethere is forgiveness to be given and forgiveness tobe receivedI Amnot the anger I feelnot the hurt I feelnot the … Continue reading Playing with Fire

Return to Self

The adrenaline was pumping so hard that ear drums could be heard beating a steady, throbbing and loud warriors call. A small boy and his father stood before the manager of the store at the front end of the checkout counter. Father, sweating embarrassment and frustration, explained the disheartening tale to him. “My son took … Continue reading Return to Self


I use to dream of standing in a river, a liquid breeze caressing my bare legs, the sound of the river rolling by as it dampened the sound of a nearby highway. Eyes focused upon the end of my line much like a wading heron would, waiting for some hint that fish were here before … Continue reading Dreams

Newly Wed

Mid-day, mid-week. A polished cement floor. Stationary cart like a stationary skater of ice. A window from one life to another provides a glimpse of understanding. Much too old to be required to be in school. Far too young to no longer have a need to be at work. A list held like an instruction … Continue reading Newly Wed