Freedom Rings

Since early in my junior high school career I noticed a struggle that has continued to grow to the present day. The formal education process of all of the schools that I have attened since then has been one that has tormented me. It’s not that I don’t like learning but more that I struggle with the methogs that are effective for the vast majority.

For such a long period of thim I struggled thinking that I could not learn, that I didn’t fit in and that I was doomed to never be a success. Gradually I began to let go of many of those self doubts. I began to see my possibilities to learn and grow. My strong work ethic and a curosity to understand how things work and to create something that was a visual improvement drove me to become who I am today and helped to release me from the chains of discouragement that my formal schooling bound me with one link at a time over many years.

I found peace and a classroom all around me wherever I went instead of within the walls the school system built for me. I watched and learned from nature. I paid attention to the interactions of people and their surroundings and as I did I became more curious.

I wanted to know more about the things I observed and so I asked questions of myself, of others and of books. I ignored the news and writings that contained agendas hidden from most. I learned to ask myself, “why did they think that was important to tell me that? What message or feeling were they trying to convey?” And if there seemed to be holes in their presentation there were even questions about those holes. “Why didn’t they mentiion this particular item? Are they trying to hide something? With so many view points in the world why are they only presenting this one? What is their agenda?”

A wise man once gave me this advice: “learn from those who can teach”. For so many years I thought that was an odd statement to make. But one day it clicked. My greatest teacher was my desire to learn from my curosity. Curosity has been for me the teacher that knows how to teach. And the sound of the ring of truth is what I use as my pop quiz and final exam to know that I have mastered the course.

4 thoughts on “Freedom Rings

  1. “The formal education process of all of the schools” does not allow for too much diversity in learning, even though that is often the goal. I love that you did not let your early learning experiences hamper your love of learning.🙂

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    • I completely agree on the limits of the school system. Being blessed with a natural curiosity has been a blessing I have tried to share with others when the opportunity presents itself.


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