“Do you regret anything?”

It was one of those interview questions that had the gift to be able flash your life before your eyes in a matter of seconds. Everything I thought that I had ever done wrong was there. Everything others thought that I had done wrong made an entrance as well bubbling up like an oil spill on a white sand beach bathed in snow blind white.

What kind of question was that! I would never ask anyone in a job interview something like that and I had never been asked that before either. What was he trying to get at? Was there actually a silent spoken question here that I was missing?

Mr Anderson my Economics Professor once told our class that the highway to hell was paved with regret. This, as well as some other comments and thoughts from my past, flashed by. I didn’t believe that I was on the highway to hell so my reply was that I had no regrets and then after a short pause I needed to explain.

I am happy with the person that I am today. I am not always thrilled about how I arrived at where I am but I am pleased with who I am. Everything that I have experienced in this life gave me the opportunity to become who I am right now. What I did with those opportunities wasn’t always the best thing I could do, I will admit that. But for me to regret even bad choices is in a way to admit that I learned nothing from them and that where I am right now is just by default. I am grateful for the things that I have learned. I am grateful that I had a chance to learn them even if it was through an unpleasant experience. On the contrary I have learned more than I feel I deserve to have learned along this journey.

To life!

9 thoughts on “Choices

  1. A dear friend once told me he had read somewhere that the things were regret more are those things we didn’t do. That comes back to me. I too am grateful for where I am, what I am learning and the trail I am leaving with each breath God gives me. Is not easy. Opposition in all things. Regrets, I have had so very few in my life, but like Frank Sinatra sang, My Way, so do I. Though sometimes it was not always my way because choices are made in unexpected, unintentional, or miraculous ways when we love. Life happens…

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    • Some of the most beautiful things I have experienced came unexpectedly, by chance. A wrong turn here, a bad decision there that led me to life changing and thought provoking moments.


  2. You have a very upbeat attitude! And interesting that your professor gave the old saying that twist from good intentions to regrets.
    I have many regrets — I’m sure too many, as a lot of them are rooted in “How could I have made such a fool of myself?!”
    However, as we go through life and make wrong choices, those choices often affect other people as well. We may walk away with the lesson learned, but others may suffer the consequences. For example, I’m sorry for the way I treated–or didn’t help– my Mom and Dad when I was younger. Didn’t realize or care how they were feeling. I know they suffered because of my inconsideration. My own family as well. So yes, I do have serious regrets.
    But you’re right: remorseful self-flagellation doesn’t help one bit. A sincere apology will help. 🙂

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  3. That question would cause a pause. If asked the same, I imagine my mind quickly assessing how to honestly answer a question that could be highly personal. Your thoughts on the question are wise. Did you get the job?


  4. I am disappointed that you didn’t get that job. I do hope it wasn’t on the basis of that answer. I would have responded in pretty much the same way as you. Maybe not quite as well-articulated so I say well done to you. 😊


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